All dryers are CRN/TSSA approved Technical Standards & Safety Authorityce-approved

Trident Dryspell Plus Dryers

Sizes 5 – 375 scfm
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Features and Benefits

PERFORMANCE: The dryers are a true -40°F dryer. The same dryer is available for use on -100°F applications.

PURGE OPTIMIZER: The dryers come with, as standard, a purge optimizer that can be used to save energy.

DEW POINT MONITOR CONNECTION: Comes with as standard an external dew point monitor/sensor connection to provide true purge savings by suspending purge activity altogether when the dew point is satisfied.

CONTROLLER ALARM CONNECTION: Alarm contacts are provided to indicate to the user that power has ceased operating the controller.

TOWER HOLES: Tower holes are on all dryers 20 thru 375 SCFM to allow for the ability to access pressure indication at each tower.

CAD drawings available on request.