Trident Cleansweep Oil Removal Filters

Trident Cleansweep

Cleansweep Microfilters are compressed air filtration devices manufactured for industrial use and supported by Trident Pneumatics. Contaminants regularly found in air lines include dust, oil, rust and liquid water. Cleansweep Microfilters remove all these contaminants, thereby ensuring that the products made by you and the services offered by you are not adversely affected by them.


  • Very low installation clearance – install anywhere
  • Oil removal (coalescing)
  • Flow from 60 scfm to 1065 scfm
  • Particle removal 0.01 um
  • Maximum oil carryover 0.003 mg/m3
CAD drawings available on request.
CRN/TSSA approved

ce-approvedTechnical Standards & Safety Authority

Trident Cleansweep medical vacuum filter

Trident Medical Vacuum Filters

Trident Medical Vacuum filter series are designed to remove the liquid, solid and bacterial contamination from the suction side of the vacuum pump and the potential biological infection of the surrounding environment. The filter elements and housings are designed for medical use and can be utilized in hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, dentist’s surgery and other critical areas.

They are installed on the suction side of the vacuum pump to remove bacteria and prevent contamination to the pump and atmosphere.

Biological liquids are collected in a transparent drain flask, which can be easily removed for sterilization. The flask should be visually checked daily and removed for cleaning and sterilization. The filter element must be replaced at least every 6 months or when the pressure drop reaches 100 mbar.

CAD drawings available on request.